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Influencer Marketing is the process of:

  • Identifying individuals who create high-impact conversations, with your ideal target audience;

  • Building relationships, by engaging and supporting these influencers to promote a brand’s products or services.

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Back in June, Unilever’s Chief Marketing Officer, Keith Weed, declared that influencer marketing was broken, and he had some ideas on how...


Klear, like so many other influencer marketing platforms, began life as something that wasn’t an influencer marketing tool, largely...

Open Influence

It’s not hard to imagine why Open Influence has attracted dozens of very high profile customers, and their pricing seems to designed to...


Note: While Fanbytes offers their service for Snapchat and Instagram, this review focuses solely on Snapchat. The Instagram component is...

Tagger Media

For the past few years, as the number of influencer marketing platforms appeared to propagate unchecked, we’ve seen the emergence of a...


In the very first post on this website, we made a big point about defining what influencers are—or, rather, who they are. Unlike...

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